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Spring - August 2022

The first of September marks the beginning of spring in the southern hemisphere. Aotearoa’s NIWA (National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research) expects the spring of 2022 to be warm overall but with some cool temperatures later this month (September).


NIWA's seasonal outlook through until November picks long, dry spells punctuated by heavy rainfall events. August has seen a lot of heavy rainfall events across the globe, not just here in New Zealand, Nelson.

Countries like Pakistan have seen devastating floods, 33 million people impacted, over 1500 deaths, 1 million livestock killed, and 1.5 million homes washed away – yet Pakistan contributes less than 1% of the world’s annual greenhouse emissions. It’s this disparity between polluters and those affected that will define climate change in the decades to come.


Back here in Aotearoa, NIWA expects warmer than average temperatures across all regions for spring, and continuing marine heatwaves around our shores. Coastal sea surface temperatures (SSTs) ranged from 0.5˚C to 1.0˚C above average during August with marine heatwave conditions occurring offshore in many regions. These marine heatwaves are set to continue through summer…


With a rare third straight summer of La Niña conditions are expected, likely bringing heavy rains in the north, and drier conditions in the south.


Geography, digital geography has a role to play in the various outcomes of Climate Change, watch this space as new technologies and methodologies evolve in our ever-changing world.

- Matt Couldrey [geoid - digital geography]

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