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Geoid [jee-oid] noun.  a hypothetical solid figure whose surface corresponds to mean sea level and its imagined extension under (or over) land areas.

"The geoid is the shape that the ocean surface would take under the influence of the gravity and rotation of Earth alone (if other influences such as winds and tides were absent). This surface is extended through the continents."


Map [mæp] (pl. maps.) noun.  a visual representation of physical, tangible objects and features that emphasises their relationship to the user or reader. 

It’s essential for a useful map to lie, white lies that distort reality to display meaningful relationships for a complex, three-dimensional world on a flat sheet of paper or screen. Foreign symbols, bright colours, and bold markings that must be decoded using a map legend or key to understand the information underneath.

geospatial analyst; GIS contractor; digital maps; mapping contractor; spatial analytics; GIS; geographic information system; gis mapping; LiDAR; ESRI; Geospatial data; ArcGIS; GIS Consultant; Consultant

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