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Geoid provides precision, efficiency, & innovation, in your spatial tasks.
I'm fascinated with displaying complex, spatial information using creative, simple, interactive, animated maps revealing the world around us.

Maps that can communicate intricate relationships between different landscapes and provide unique vantage points from which to explore and investigate the world.

Geospatial Analyst Contractor.  Geospatial Insights & Analysis. Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Digital Maps, Spatial Analytics, GIS, Animation.
Mapping Contractor, GIS Contractor.



matt couldrey

founder & principal

geospatial analyst

A: Gladstone,

     Invercargill, NZ, 9810


P: 027 746 7773

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Meet the Team

Our team is an eclectic mix of personalities;  each as manic as the rest...


Geoid – digital geography’s geospatial mapping provides accurate and high-quality mapping solutions to businesses, organisations, and individuals.  The services offered include mapping of geographical data, creation of maps for land, air, and sea, and the analysis of geospatial data to extract insights, and valuable information.

Geoid’s mapping solutions are designed to cater to a variety of industries, including agriculture, construction, urban planning, transportation, and environmental management.  The latest geospatial technologies and software are used to provide clients with precise and detailed maps that meet their specific needs.


Geoid’s geospatial mapping services include the following:

  • GIS mapping:  We use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to capture, store, analyse, and manage geospatial data.  The GIS mapping solutions offered help businesses and organisations make informed decisions based on spatial information.

  • Geospatial Analysis:  Geospatial Analytics is the discovery, interpretation, and communication of patterns within geospatial (mapped) data, helping businesses and organisations optimise their operations, make better decisions, and calculate both environmental and policy implications.

  • 3D mapping:  Our 3D mapping services create detailed and realistic representations of the environment, enabling businesses and organisations to visualise their projects and make informed decisions.

  • Animated maps: Animated maps provide greater context and can communicate ideas and concepts to a larger audience.


At Geoid – digital geography, I am committed to providing my clients with accurate and high-quality mapping solutions.  Get in contact today to learn more about the services on offer and how I can help you achieve your mapping goals.


Matt Couldrey; owner/operator at Geoid – digital geography.  

In my role, I’m the Founder & Principal Geospatial Analyst; analysing the landscape creating maps for environmental reporting purposes as well as showing where various strategic gains could be made across a farm, property, and other environmental assets.  

These range from environmental mitigation or intervention gains – to vehicle fleet optimisation and development; among other spatial mapping puzzles. 

I’m passionate about solving green, climate, and environmental issues; spatial solutions that prepare for the future, and mend the past.  

My work has taken me across multiple landscapes and computational scales – from country-wide, regional, and river catchments, to farm and paddock scales at an individual property level.

Working with many different national Ministries, Regional, District, & City Councils, property owners & farmers, and business managers to help identify wetlands, sediment generation & deposition areas, ephemeral stream catchments, and electric vehicle fleet optimisation routes. 

Recently I have helped set in motion an environmental plan for a large Southland dairy farm with various spatial solutions, from identifying, and recommending options including native planting, fencing, and stock/vehicle exclusion from sediment generating areas of the farm; to the mapping and creation of wetlands and detainment dams across key stream catchments of the property, decreasing the flooding risk of key assets and alleviating potential contamination of downstream receiving environments.  

This passion emanates from my upbringing on a sheep, beef, and deer farm in the Bay of Plenty, along with helping my father and grandfather with his surveying business. 

I love being outside, traveling, and exploring the countryside while getting dirty classifying and mapping soils, at the same time I’m just as comfortable behind a computer commenting on what I’ve found.  

So, get in touch and let’s chat about your spatial puzzle and I’ll come up with a plan of how to solve it.

Matt Couldrey; Founder & Principal Geospatial Analyst at Geoid – digital geography.
P: (+64)27 746 7773


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