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November:  Map-ception

I've struggled with this theme all month long. Which is why I'm posting November in December (you're not loosing track of time - although it it hard to believe it's Christmas so soon...)


I did have a game plan: wait until November's over and conjoin the 30 Day Map Challenge in November celebrating GIS day (on the 16th Nov) with the mapamonth theme of Map-ception; (I was told it's against the rules of the 30 day map challenge to post themed maps before their day...) 🗺️


So the game is to spot how many themes are involved in this map... (theme-ception, if you will).

The 30 Day Map Challenge themes are (in order):

• Points

• Lines

• Polygons

• A bad map

• Analog Map

• Asia

• Navigation

• Africa

• Hexagons

• North America

• Retro

• South America

• Choropleth

• Europe

• Open Street Map

• Oceania

• Flow

• Atmosphere

• 5 minute map

• Outdoors

• Raster

• North is not always up

• 3D

• Black & White

• Antarctica

• Minimal

• Dot

• Is this a chart or a map?

• Population

• “my favourite”


Here's a hint: one 'my favourite' things to do at the moment is to make maps about Climate Change & what better occasion to do it than the start of COP28 in Dubai (where Aotearoa New Zealand is quite rightly coping flack for the new governments stance on New Oil and Gas drilling) 🛢️


Aotearoa New Zealand currently leads the world with 5,764 tCO2 Cumulative per capita emissions, from 1850 til 2021 (~1,000 tonnes ahead of the 2nd placed Canada); & 13th worldwide in 2021 with 962 tCO2 Cumulative emissions per population.


First posted to LinkedIn last week:



Geography, digital geography has a role to play in the various outcomes of Climate Change, watch this space as new technologies and methodologies evolve in our ever-changing world. 🌏

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