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Lutra Consulting in the UK: Point Cloud data of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House, Sydney, Australia.


With the recent advancements in LiDAR survey technology and photogrammetry, there has been a growing demand in capturing and storing point cloud data. Point cloud data are vector in nature, but are usually orders of magnitude larger than a standard vector layer. Typical vector datasets range from thousands to millions of features, while point clouds range from millions to billions or even trillions of points. Due to this sheer number of points a completely different approach to visualise, analyse and store point clouds is needed in a GIS platform...

Special Edition: International GIS Day 2020

Geoid - Digital Geography celebrates International GIS Day this Wednesday the 18th of November 2020. Geoid recognises how Geographic Information System (GIS) technology makes an international impact. 

We celebrate innovative applications of GIS technology in analysis, visualisation, gaining insights into geospatial data, and thought leadership in the field of all things environmental. 
Over 20 years ago, Jack Dangermond, the founder and president of Esri (a large international software company), envisioned people collaborating and sharing how GIS affects everyone. This led to the establishment of GIS Day, which was first observed in 1999. 

The explosion of geospatial technology since then has expanded that idea into a global event that showcases how geography and the real-world applications of GIS are making a difference in business, government, and society. It's a chance for organisations to share their accomplishments and inspire others to discover and use GIS. 

"The study of geography is about more than just memorising places on a map. It's about understanding the complexity of our world, appreciating the diversity of cultures that exists across continents. And in the end, it's about using all that knowledge to help bridge divides and bring people together." said Barack Obama - 44th President of the United States of America.

This November numerous organisations worldwide are hosting virtual gatherings, donating blood, among other ideas, all while appreciating GIS in all its various forms.

Geoid has donated money to help fund exciting future developments in the field of open-source, freely available tools for hundreds of thousands of users across the globe. 

- Matt Couldrey [geoid - digital geography]

Facebook post from Lutra Consulting in the UK:

We are delighted to announce that in collaboration with North Road and Hobu, we are running a crowdfunding campaign to implement native support for point cloud data in QGIS.
If you or your organisation are point cloud data users, this is your chance to bring native support for your data in QGIS. With this work, you will be able to overlay your point cloud data to your other data (vector/raster). The addition of native support for point cloud data in QGIS will pave the way to support analytical tools for point cloud data in future. 

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