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International Soils Day 2022

It's the 5th of December, so Happy International Soils Day! This year’s Soil Day theme is 'Soils: where food begins'.

Soil creates life from death & decay. The production of more than 95% of the food we eat relies on soil, a heady, potent, exciting mix of rock particles, decaying organic matter, roots, fungi, and microorganisms.
Yet this precious resource is eroding at a global average of 13.5 tonnes per hectare per year. Instead of nourishing crops, fertile topsoil is ending up in streams, rivers, lakes, and in turn the ocean.

So, this World Soils Day remember that 'we are what we eat' and: soil is where food begins. Maintaining healthy soils and a high diversity of food growers is critical for building resilient food systems in the face of climate change. Finally, as this soil washes off the land and into the ocean - our food security and food sovereignty - goes with it.


Geography, digital geography has a role to play in the various outcomes of Climate Change, watch this space as new technologies and methodologies evolve in our ever-changing world.

– Matt Couldrey [geoid - digital geography]

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